Mumbai, October 20, 2015: The Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai hosted an exclusive round table demonstration cum tasting with renowned Swedish Nobel Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell aimed at creating awareness about the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Sweden.

Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell are renowned experts who have been in charge for the preparation of the prestigious Nobel Dinner Banquet – the culinary showcase after the esteemed Nobel Prize ceremony. The Nobel Dinner, which is an annual banquet that is held inside the Stockholm City Hall, is a very eminent affair that receives widespread recognition and also explores the very depths of traditional Swedish dishes, some of which are many hundreds of years old.

Held at Consul General Fredrika Ornbrant’s residence in Mumbai, the Chefs performed a live culinary demonstration and tasting of a traditional Swedish Fika – Kanelbullar. One of the most iconic fika recipes, Kanelbullar, are light, delicately spiced sweet breads that marry perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. These buns are essentially found at every single cafe in Sweden and an integral part of the country’s culturescape.

Nobel Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell, also prepared a feast for the Nobel Dinner at the Embassy in New Delhi for 85 high level personnel’s and will also be showcasing some delectable Swedish cuisine for Swedish companies in Pune later this week.

Commenting on the diverse range of Swedish culinary offerings, Consul Mr. Jan Campbell – Westlind said “I am pleased to have Swedish Nobel Chefs Mark Phoenix and Fredrik Forsell in Mumbai today. They will be replicating parts of the Nobel dinner tonight for select Indian companies and Swedish government authorities. Today Swedish food has become immensely popular internationally and I hope our efforts to bring a bit of Sweden to India through cuisine inspires people to try their hand at Swedish food and appreciate the diversity of Swedish culture”

Nobel Chef Mark Phoenix said: “I travel to India often and I am always amazed at how big India’s culinary journey is. Just like Sweden, India has a rich and varied culinary legacy. Sweden’s nature and the produce it yields creates opportunities for exclusive culinary experiences and we hope that we were able to share some of them with you today”

Chef Fredrik Forsell added “As the Swedish food scene grows, a new style of cooking is developing. Swedish chefs are returning to their culinary roots, rediscovering classic Swedish dishes with fantastic local seasonal ingredients and giving them a modern twist. We are thoroughly pleased to be able to bring a taste of Sweden to Mumbai.”
Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)