~ Aspri Spirits with Gruppo Campari recreates Studio 54’s vibe in Mumbai ~

Mumbai, September 08, 2016: 
Aspri Spirits hosted a retro style evening at Mumbai’s trendy Shiro where retro music and cocktails kept flowing.

Mr. Franco Peroni, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Gruppo Campari graced the evening and interacted with the guests who enjoyed the delectable cocktails of Campari and Skyy Vodka. The theme, SKYY SESSION’s 54 was set to revisit and create the vibe at the Renowned Studio 54 in New York from (1977-1979). The video display was synced to the music being played by the resident DJ and the visuals on LED Wall, recreated the experience of the legendary Studio 54.

Some of the well known personalities present were Keith Sequeira, Vikram Raizada, Kishan Mulchandani, Divya Palat & Aditya Haithyari, Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Celebrity photographer Jitu Savlani, Designer Eshaa Amin, MTV Actor Ayesha Adlakha, Founder of Platinum World Group Sushil Wadhwa, Founder of FBAI Sameer Malkani among others. The bartender’s mixed eclectic cocktails like SKYY Holy Bull, SKYY Cosmopolitan, SKYY Bloody Mary, SKYY Apple Cinnamon Martini, SKYY Espresso Martini, SKYY Caprioshka, Screw Driver, Billionaire, Americano, Negroni, Campari Fresh, and Campari Mojito.

Gracing the occasion and enjoying the eveningMr. Franco Peroni said, “What a fun night!!! I love music from the 70s and 80s and the DJ is doing a fantastic job behind the console. It is great to see our brands enjoyed by all these distinguished guests and in such a vibrant context. The SKYY Vodka brand as well as Campari are growing fast around Asia and in India. There is an encouraging trend for cocktail interest worldwide and we have exciting plans that we will implement on the Indian market in order to favour the awareness of our brands. With our partner Aspri, we also intend to launch other brands from Gruppo Campari like Aperol and Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky. Aperol is an Italian Aperitif that is booming around the world thanks to its signature cocktail, the “Spritz”. I am certain that the Indian consumers will enjoy these products as well.”

Mr. Jackie Matai, Co-Founder, Aspri Spirits said, “It’s indeed a pleasure to have Mr. Franco Peroni here. The products of Gruppo Campari are well renowned and have established their presence and equity well in India and are looking forward to introducing other iconic brands of the company in India in the near future.”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)