Hotel Name: Zostel Delhi

Address: 5 Ara Kashan Road, Near New Delhi Railway Station, Behind Sheela Cinema, New Delhi – 110055

Contact Person:

Tel No: +91 11 39589005



Hotel Profile:

Delhi, India’s capital, is a curious mix of the old and the new. With marketplaces that date back to medieval times and ruins of Mughal-era buildings sprinkled among modern-era buildings and sprawling malls, Old Delhi and New Delhi coexist in the most intriguing ways. Enjoy the wide plethora of things that the city has to offer – captivating fascinating museums, inspiring art galleries, architectural wonders and bustling markets. Delhi is part of the Golden Triangle, the other two coordinates being Jaipur and Agra and they are all well-connected. You know what else is a part of the Golden Triangle? Zostel – come stay with us!