Hotel Name : The Piramal Haveli

Address : Village Bagar,Jhunjhunu District 333 023,Shekhavati, Rajasthan

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Tel No : 91 1592 221220

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Hotel Profile

The Piramal Haveli in Baggar is a stunning Rajasthani-Italianate structure, approximately 40 kms from other hotels in Mandawa. It is one of the very few Rajasthan heritage hotels, also being one of the closest Shekhawati hotels to Delhi. It was built in 1928 with a large open garden and two pillared courtyards painted with colourful kitsch frescoes of flying angels, airplanes, and gods in motor cars. These unique characteristics of the restored Piramal haveli, make it distinct from the other hotels in Mandawa. Discover the lost villages – a fascinating adventure in itself – using this 20th century Haveli, one of the very unique Rajasthan heritage hotels as the base. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of the quaintest Shekhawati hotels.