Bengaluru, June 04, 2016: Initiating a paradigm shift in the hotel industry, eZee Technosys launches eZee Ultimate allowing hoteliers across the globe to avail their top-notch hospitality technology platform- free of cost.

The rise in the adoption of hospitality technology has changed the hospitality industry in the last decade. Hotel management operations, booking management and overall guest management has been greatly influenced by the technological advancements. Sadly, the technology adoption hasn’t percolated to hospitality businesses of all sizes. Software vendors’ apathy to small hotels, resistance to technology adoption has put many small independent hotels at a business risk. Many small and mid-sized independent hotels do not realize that their survival in the industry will become more of a struggle, if they don’t adopt technology soon.

Luckily, one innovative hospitality technology solutions provider is determined to change this and has launched a unique offering for hoteliers. eZee Technosys, world’s foremost hospitality solutions provider with customers in over 140 countries worldwide has come to the rescue of small independent hotels and has launched a free-to-use suite of essential hospitality products. Earlier this week, eZee launched eZee Ultimate, a suite of free to use hospitality technology products. The free offerings included a cloud PMS, channel manager, web booking engine, cloud restaurant POS (coming soon), hotel website, guest feedback management system and a mobile portal. Hotels get access to cutting-edge technology at no charge and can create new sales channels, streamline hotel operations, maximize online visibility, boost occupancy and offer a wonderful guest experience without spending a penny. eZee will take care of implementation, training and support to hoteliers making the transition. The best part, all of it comes at no cost to the hotelier. Hotels pay only a small transaction fees for bookings received via Channel Manager and web booking engine capped by a ceiling limit equivalent to the cost of subscription. Moreover, at times smaller hotels don’t have expertise in OTA registration, Channel Optimization and eZee promises to put all the research and knowledge into action to help hotels more sales.

Mr. Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys said “Almost 75% of the hotel industry comprises small and independent hotels who aren’t technology-savvy and have for long avoided adopting automation tools like a cloud PMS. The technology first belief is still limited to the larger hotels, mostly 3 star and above category, who are greatly benefiting from it. All we wanted to do was provide small to medium sized hotels the technology which until now was only available to the bigger players of the industry.”

When asked about how eZee Ultimate is tackling the problems of small hotels, Vipul Kapoor, CTO and Co-founder of eZee Technosys said “We have tried to address each of the pain points we came across; if the user feels the software is too complicated, we provide unlimited training, as many times it’s required for them to completely comprehend the solution. We were told that even the monthly subscription fees can be costly for smaller hotels so we decided to give away the technology for free. It doesn’t get better than this- there is no investment required and hotels pay us only when they get business!”

Currently, 5500+ businesses across 140 countries worldwide run on eZee’s technology and vouch for the system’s capabilities and robustness. eZee Ultimate offers a win-win option for both hoteliers and the technology leader. With eZee Ultimate, instead of paying subscription fees, hoteliers pay a small transaction fees on confirmed/realized bookings. As a result, hoteliers will have better shot at getting more business while the service provider will recover their costs through mass subscriptions. Hotels have the option of getting the same solution with regular subscription fees, with no lock-in contracts and hotels can switch plans anytime.

Leapfrogging competition, eZee Technosys has truly revolutionized the hotel industry with this smart offering. Hotels interested in eZee Ultimate can sign up here.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)