Delhi, March 26, 2016: More than 22 years, and the legacy continues at La Piazza. Indulge in the new menu specially curated by the Italian master chefs Ivan Chieregatti and Alessandro Sandrolini.

Newly appointed Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Delhi Ivan Chieregatti, brings with him more than 20 years of rich experience of culinary & cultures while Executive Sous Chef Alessandro Sandrolini has been associated with Hyatt since 2005 and his amiable and lively services has been a delightful insight into the world of Italian fine dining.

The idea behind the new menu is to give La Piazza a fresh feel. The new menu is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine and seasonality of the ingredients; fresh ingredients are procured from the hotel’s own vegetable farm. Menu has been changed radically, from starters to desserts, being more creative in term of presentation and crockery selection, but keeping the authenticity of the recipes. The menu for will remain true to being authentic, beautiful and flavourful. Options for vegetarians have also been increased compared to the menu.

Indulge in Pan seared sea bass, Classic breaded pork chop, Asparagus and artichokes lasagne and homemade truffle and ricotta tortelloni pasta amongst others.

Ever since it’s opening in the year 1994, La Piazza’s reputation has been built on great food, equally complimenting wine list, friendly and gracious service and a quest to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests always come first.

Introducing authentic flavors of Italy to New Delhi has always been the driving force behind the restaurants enduring success. Synonymous to one of the first Italian trattoria style dining with a live kitchen concept in the city, La Piazza is also one of the first restaurants to be known to have imported Italian products, as well as introduced customers to little known Italian wines back then. With the introduction of this new menu, La Piazza also vouches to give Delhi one of the most extensive Italian menus since its launch 22 years ago.

The emphasis of the restaurant has been on the show kitchen, which features a wood-burning pizza oven that lends a typical flavour to the pizzas, as well as a counter displaying herbs and other food items from the land of this popular cuisine, plus the action created by the chefs as they cook pasta dishes and pizzas. A menu that changes daily is displayed to diners on a blackboard that is taken to the tables by the waiters. The food served is pre-plated, except for lunch, when a buffet of antipasti and desserts is offered along with a choice of a pre-plated main course.

The gourmet specialties at La Piazza include the finest vegetarian and non-vegetarian culinary traditions and authentic elements, among them a choice of ingredients and sauces. The Pizza La pizza is the restaurant’s signature pizza, the fame of which has travelled far and wide.

The wine list at La Piazza comprises a significant line up of some unique and fine wines from around the world. Overcoming one of the greatest challenges in the realm of wine and food pairing, La Piazza maintains an effective balance between the grape variety and the ingredients of the restaurant’s dishes. The wines have been chosen specifically because they are able to stand up to the distinct flavours of the cuisine. The ultimate celebration of this is in the nuances that each wine highlights – the subtle expression of the grape variety, the terroir, the vintage and the wine maker.

The list entails a notable selection of old and new world wines that are true to their origin and reflect their provenance. Synonymous to an Italian drink, two to three Prosecco medley; crisp chardonnay sequence, a good percentage of champagne collection that feature 50% Blac de Blac, 30% vintage and 20% non vintage champagnes. Fair mention of Italian and Spanish sparkling wines adds to the selectiveness of the list. While exclusive classic vintage selection further enriches the wine list with a catalogue of premium wines with names like Chateau Lafite Rothschild 94 vintage on the top offers.

Whether you are in search of a romantic Italian evening, a night out with the family, or a place to hold a delicious gathering with friends, La Piazza will meet and surpass all of your expectations. Their full-service bar combined with its intimate atmosphere, an ever changing wine list and skilled bartenders is another great dining option in the restaurant. It’s the perfect setting to unwind, to have a light meal from the bar menu or to simply have a cocktail and great conversation in an environment where no one is a stranger. For great memories, extraordinary food and a family that you can choose to be a part of – La Piazza is the answer.

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