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New Delhi, Nov 10, 2014 

TripAdvisor , the world's largest travel site, today announced the results of its ‘Dining out on vacation survey’ conducted amongst 1200 Indian travelers. The survey highlights how Indian travelers have consciously started working towards enhancing their dining experience when on vacation. Over 70 percent travelers research dining options before taking a trip, and 72 percent of them rely on online reviews for making a choice, asking local residents (57 percent) and friends & family (48 percent) are closed next choices. Despite extensive research only 4 percent travelers make reservation in restaurants of their choice. The low percentage can be attributed to the shift in choices of restaurant type with only a dismal 7 percentpreferring to dine at a chain restaurant (which encourage reservations) vis a vis whooping 92 percent experimental diners who go for independent localoutfits.

Hunger Pangs!

Majority (74 percent) Indian travelers are self-acclaimed foodies who prefer taste over healthy choices while on vacations, 64 percent admit indulging in non-healthy options when eating out while on vacations. 92 percent respondents firmly believe in the power of food to connect them to the local culture and they make it a point to experience a destinations famed dish. Yet, Indians are still warming up to the concept of “foodie vacation”, as only 33 percent have taken such trip to experience regional cuisines.

Most preferred cuisine

Least preferred cuisine

Indian - 48 percent

American –2 percent

Italian - 12 percent

Japanese - 0.67 percent

Continental - 10 percent

French - 0.50 percent

Most preferred restaurant setting

Least preferred restaurant setting

Family style – 31 percent

Fast food – 1 percent

Casual – 18 percent

Pop-up restaurant - 0.50 percent

Fine dining – 15 percent

Food truck - 0.33 percent

Commenting on the findings Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India says, “Food is definitely one of the most important elements on a traveler’s itinerary. An authentic culinary experience enrichesone’s connection with the locals and culture of a region. It is interesting to see how Indians have started planning their dining experience well in advance. Genuine travel reviews have fueled this trend and empowered a traveler with choices. Yet, we see Indians being safe in picking options when it comes to cuisine and restaurant type as 47 percent prefer Indian cuisine at a Family style restaurant (31 percent), and the value for money aspect driving this number with 60 percent getting influenced by a restaurant promotions or deals. “

Indians ready to pay, but for quality:

While deals do attract the value seeking Indian traveller, they do not mind shelling big bucks on quality dining options when on a vacation - Over 63 percent ready to spend between Rs 600-1500 per person per meal. The indulgent Indian travel refuses to settle for poor standards of food quality and service. 58 percent get annoyed if the food quality isn’t upto the mark, followed by 23 percent for whom slow or poor service is a mood spoiler. And, more than half the travellers (57 percent) have sent a meal back to the kitchen owing to the above factors.

Additional interesting nuggets:

  • Dining out is a must: 99 percent people dine out when on vacation
  • Frequency of dining out: Over 30 percent people dine out over 10 times when on a week-long vacation, 7 times (14 percent), 5 times (13 percent)
  • Eat it, flaunt it: 55 percent people have taken a photo of their food and posted on a social network
  • Chef, who’s he? For 75 percent chef of a restaurant does not influence one's decision to dine there
  • Dining out intensions get stronger: 30 percent people plan to dine out more than last year
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