Bengaluru, November 30, 2016: Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, today announced that leading hotel chains throughout India including Accor, Fariyas, Hyatt, Marriott, Pride, and Taj are currently operating its handheld MobileTrace® and Hardened MobileTrace explosives trace detectors (ETD) and HRX™ family of X-ray systems to screen for explosives and contraband.

In response to multiple security challenges including hosting high-profile events, diplomats, international tourists, and employees all moving through multiple access points, hotel chains throughout India are taking a proactive security approach. Scalable across multiple properties, Morpho Detection is currently supplying leading-edge screening solutions and comprehensive service support to help hotels meet security challenges with minimal impact on guests and operations.

“As a home for tourists, business people, and dignitaries, in addition to employees, hotels play a crucial role in global travel and commerce. Morpho Detection’s investment in localized service support uniquely positions us to meet the growing security challenges of hotels in India and around the world,” said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. “Morpho Detection is committed to working with hotel chains to meet their individualized security needs through the development of a multi layered security program leveraging advanced detection technologies.”

By quickly and accurately detecting a wide range of substances, MobileTrace helps close security loopholes by reliably detecting and identifying residue from explosives and narcotics on skin, clothing, parcels, bags, cargo, vehicles, and other surfaces. Ruggedized and environmentally sealed for challenging environments, Hardened MobileTrace has expanded capabilities to detect a broad range of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs) in extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, salt fog, and rain. Morpho Detections high-resolution X-ray (HRX) scanners can quickly screen packages, bags, and materials for the presence of metallic-based threats including knives, guns, weapons, and explosives.

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