New Delhi, May 22, 2018: Fat is back! The Ketogenic Diet, has made it possible for this most feared macronutrient, to sneak back on to our plates.  Ace nutritionist-cum-restaurateur, Hena Nafis has introduced the new Keto Menu at the all day café, Eat Good Food serving healthy, delicious and wholesome food.

A Ketogenic Diet is essentially a very high fat, low-carbohydrate eating plan. Some of their newly introduced delicacies that will make your mouth-water include Spicy Almond Tofu with Broccoli (Tofu and Broccoli toss in green Tobasco with Almond), Cheesy Nachos (Nachos made of Parmesan Cheese served with Fondue Sauce and Tomato Salsa), Chicken Ala Kiev (Chicken Breast stuffed with Butter, Garlic and Olive coated with Almond Flour and Deep Fried), Chicken Base Pizza (Pizza made with a Chicken base topped with Veggies and Cheese), amongst others.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the new Keto Menu at Eat Good Food that will leave you craving for more!

Where: Eat Good Food

Date: April – May 2018
Address: 19, Tarak Dutta Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700017


Spicy Alomond Tofu with Broccoli Rs- 275             

Cal-383.7, Protein-19.3, Fat-32.4, Carb-3.9.

Description: Tofu And Broccoli Toss In Green Tabasco With Almond.

Cheesy Nachos Rs-450                        

Cal-503, Protein-37, Fat-38, Carb-.2.7.

Description: Nachos Made Of Parmesan Cheese Served With Fondue Sauce And Tomato Salsa.

Cheesy Balls (6pcs) Rs-295                                                       

Cal-1035, Protein-39.6, Fat-96.9, Carb-1.3

Description: Cheese Balls Coated With Almond Flour And Deep Fried.

Layer Veggies Paneer   Rs- 275                                      

Cal-263.3, Protein-24.3, Fat-16.8, Carb-3.5

Description: Grilled Paneer in Three Different Sauces and Layer with Zucchini And Squash.


Chicken Cheesy Balls (3pcs) Rs-195                    

Cal-539.2, Protein-35.3, Fat-44, Carb-0.49.

Description: Chicken Balls Stuffed Mozzarella Cheese Coated With Almond Flour And Deep Fried.

Chicken Ala Kiev Rs-310

Cal-890, Protein-22.7, Fat-18.7,Carb-0.45.

Description: Chicken Breast Stuffed With Butter, Garlic And Olive Coated With Almond Flour And Deep Fried.

Egg Wrapped Chicken Rs-250

Cal-631, Protein-28.5, Fat-57,Carb-1

Description: Mustard Marinated Chicken Breast Deep Fried and Then Wrapped In Egg. 

Chicken Base Pizza Rs-325

Cal-294.5, Protein-36.5, Fat-15.8, Carb-1.3

Description: Pizza Made Of Chicken Base Top With Veggies And Cheese.

Roast Lamb Rs-525 (Easter Menu)

Cal-866, Protein-70.2, Fat-421, Carb-55.2.

Description: Roasted Lamb with Demi Glace Sauce with Bun and Roast Potatoes.

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