Hotel Name :ITC Gardenia

Address : 25, Windsor Square, Golf Course Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052, India

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Tel No : +(91) (80) 2211 9898

Email : reservations.itcgardenia@itchotels.

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Hotel Profile

ITC Gardenia, a hotel that is conveniently located in the commercial heart of Bengaluru – equipped with 292 Luxury rooms and suites ITC Gardenia offers the discerning business and leisure traveller the best in Hospitality and Hotel services. Overlooking the century old Bangalore Club, the hotel is situated in the midst of Bengaluru’s most elite neighbourhood. An abode for the indulgent and the aspirational, a sublime confluence of the city’s unhurried past and it’s dynamic present – ITC Gardenia embodies the splendours of nature. Inspired from the magnificent gardens of the city, this luxury hotel was built as a tribute to the beautiful city of Bengaluru and is in close proximity to key business districts and IT hubs of Bengaluru.

Designed by the renowned architect, Rajinder Kumar, the exterior of the hotel uses Gwalior sandstone and Malaysian red bricks, interspersed by panels of specially treated smoked oak and highlighted with strips of copper in a matt copper-sulphate patina. The copper­ sulphate material had also been utilized for the roof, while the flooring of the entire hotel is blonde Italian marble.

The rooms are categorized in the chain’s premium brands of Towers and ITC One, with a number of suites on each floor. The exclusive larger suites are located on the upper floors and offer splendid views of the city and its green surroundings.

The interiors have been created by Francesca Basu, and nature in all its different manifestations can be seen throughout. The designer has drawn inspiration from different layers of life forms and each floor follows this theme through colours, motifs and textures. The themes are based on moods and representations of various elements of nature, ranging from Stones and Fossils, to Earth, Trees, Wood, Water, Fire, Foliage, Animal Life, Flowers, the Winged Species such as birds and butterflies, leading up to the Sky and its Clouds.

Forward to Green, Back to Nature

Not far from this delightful spot, where the breeze bears the fragrance of fresh blossoms and new leaves, and the roads are shaded by the canopies of old trees, stands ITC Gardenia – ITC Hotels’ green luxury business hotel in Bengaluru. The crowning glory of ITC Hotels’ achievement in sustainable practices, ITC Gardenia is a labour of love for what we come from – an ancient tradition of returning to the earth what we take from it, and a commitment to bringing the best of Indian hospitality to our guests in a befitting culmination of all that ITC Hotels stands for – Responsible Luxury.

Responsible Luxury for the discerning traveller

ITC Gardenia is a marvel of technological engineering and architectural genius, evident in the seamless blend of its outdoor and indoor spaces that convey a unique sense of the hotel’s garden inspiration, while shrinking your carbon footprint by over 60% when you stay here.

From its wind cooled lobby that frames a stunning view of the beautiful outdoor island restaurant Lotus Pavilion with its vivid grass topped roof, to the vertical gardens in Cubbon Pavilion and the lobby, and the distinctive nature-driven theme on each floor moving up from earth to sky, ITC Gardenia brings together the best of what is natural and manmade.

Asia’s first LEED Platinum rated Green Hotel

ITC Gardenia uses frontier green technologies in its systems like water recycling, energy and waste management, along with eco friendly materials in its architecture and decor, to offer 5 star luxury for the discerning business traveller, with the soft touch of nature. This commitment to greener practices also extends to the services that we offer. From green banquets to green conferencing, our associates will be pleased to share more on this with you