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Ahmedabad, January 08, 2016: Elanpro, India’s leading Commercial Refrigeration Company , is showcasing its entire range of Kitchen and Retail Refrigeration products including newly launched Elanpro Compact Upright Freezer – EFGV 200 and the smallest Counter top freezers in the industry – EKG 60 at the13th Edition of Khadhya Khurak. One of the premier food processing and hospitality expositions in India, Khadya Khurak, is held in Ahmedabad from 4 January, 2016 to 7 January, 2016.

A leading name in the commercial refrigeration industry and food Service product, Elanpro offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration & food-service products. Recently launched Elanpro Counter top freezer is the smallest in the industry and is ideal for super markets, restaurants, delis, bakeries and convenience stores looking to expand their offerings display, while saving valuable counter space. Elanpro Compact Upright Freezer – EFGV 200 is the most compact vertical display Frost Free Freezer in its category with triple heated glass to avoid condensation and microprocessor controller for precise temperature management.

The company will be showcasing its technologically advanced products like Chest type Combi Freezer and Cooler, Island Freezer and Cooler, Hospitality solutions like Elanpro Professional Reach Ins, Blast Chillers and Freezers, Salad and Prep counters, Confectionery Solutions and Retail Refrigeration Solutions like Showcase Freezers, Chest Freezers and Chillers with dual temperature amongst the others.

Sharing his thoughts on the participation, Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, Gujarat has seen a comprehensive expansion in its market for dairy products, ice creams and other frozen food. Keeping the same in mind, we have launched Elanpro Dual Cabinet Combi Freezer and Cooler EF 405(Combi).

We are present in all major cities in Gujarat through our channel partners who ensure that customers get sales & service locally. We have 26 dealers in Gujarat now. Continuing the momentum of bringing innovative & advanced products and delivering a quality service at the local reach, we are planning to launch our first Experience Centre in Gujarat soon.

Elanpro Experience Center is a best –in class, ultra-modern showroom integrated with an after-sales service facility. Elanpro plans to open 50 Experience Centers by 2016. The company has previously opened in Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi and Chandigarh. The company plans to open centers in Cochin, Indore, Jaipur amongst others.

Elanpro ’s Kitchen and Retail Refrigeration product range provides safe storage, transport & handling of temperature-sensitive preparations in the appropriate optimum conditions without any risks. The company has been supplying its products to Amul, Vadilal, Havmore, Creambell and leading hotels like ITC Hotels, Radisson, Holiday Inn; leading retail chains like KFC, Costa Coffee and beverage manufacturers like Pepsi, Bisleri and Kingfisher.

Elanpro is always working on improving product quality & lowering energy consumption. Moreover, their Product Quality and Service relationship with customer has made Elanpro a preferred partner in this industry. Request you to visit us at Stall No. E1 – E4.

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Smallest freezer to add style and elegance to the super market display options

New Delhi, December 26, 2015: Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, increases frozen treat menu offerings for the growing super market with Elanpro Counter top Freezer. Elanpro counter top freezer is space saving, energy efficient and cost effective solution for all commercial cold storage needs. With a small footprint and portable, lightweight design, Elanpro Counter top freezer is ideal for super markets, restaurants, delis, bakeries and convenience stores looking to expand their offerings display, while saving valuable counter space.

Elanpro Counter Top Freezer is available in two sizes 50 & 60 ltrs. with glass doors. The product is available with front opening doors as well as top opening – sliding doors. The user-friendly freezer is compact in size and can be cleaned easily for maintaining high standards of hygiene. It features micro processor based control for precise temperature and heated/ Low Emisbility glass for zero condensation and perfect display and its very user friendly. The freezer has solid aluminium door frame, special quality glasses for clear display, high performing cooling system and beautiful aesthetics along with precise temperature controls . It has high performing unit designed to work at high temperature.

Elanpro has launched this compact design for companies aiming the impulse buying. Designed to meet the impressive display needs, it can be used for displaying products in small quantities or for a new launch. The product provides reliable performance, stunning presentation of products and energy efficiency. Elanpro Counter Top Freezer EKG 60 for Rs. 16,000 and SD 50A for Rs. 27,000 is now available at Elanpro dealer stores.

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Bengaluru, December 08, 2015: Häfele introduces LIEBHERR, the world’s leader in finest refrigeration in India.LIEBHERR engineering excellence provides the widest range of freezers, refrigerators and wine cabinets across the globe. Häfelehas launched this commitment of excellence and outstanding track record to India 2 years back. Numerous innovative products and ideas, top quality, as well as advanced design make LIEBHERR a leading brand. LIEBHERR has beenpioneering the technology to create innovative refrigeration storage for under counter cabinets.

Häfele’s range of refrigerators from LIEBHERR provides different temperature zones required for various kinds of food to be stored and preserved in the refrigeration unit – all in the same unit. This all is achieved with the most sophisticated electronics and refrigeration technology available today. Even in case of a power cut the LIEBHERR refrigerators and freezers can hold their optimum temperature up to 48 hours eliminating the possibility of loss of nutrients due to sudden change in the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Commenting on the futuristic refrigeration technologies from LIEBHERRMr. RadhaKrishna Somayaji, Liebherr India says “The right choice of kitchen appliances can entirely change the way your kitchen looks and functions. Whether your overall kitchen look is classical or modern, appliances always bring in a futuristic appeal and functionality to your kitchen. We bring to you LIEBHERR, the best in refrigeration technologies from the heart of Germany”

LIEBHERR’s integrated appliances, SICBN 3356 and SICN 3366 LIEBHERR’s integrated appliancesare both fully concealed behind a cabinet door and Installed in a tall kitchen cupboard so that refrigerator doors simply opens in unison with the cupboard door.

  • The SICN 3366 comes with The IceMaker, which with its own water tank makes perfect ice cubes every time. With a 1.2 litre capacity, the water tank is a clever solution if the mains water quality is poor or if the appliance is not plumbed-in.
  • The SICBN 3356 is a feature packed unit that is equipped with a Bio Fresh compartment where food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance 3 times longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology the temperature is accurately kept at just above 0°C. The Bio Freshcompartment, ideal for storage of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meats, can be used as either Hydro Safe (high humidity, suitable for fruits and vegetable) or Dry Safe (low humidity, suitable for fish, meat and other dairy products) by a simple adjustment of the humidity control panel.

LIEBHERR’s Freestanding Refrigerator (CBNES 5167 ) takes a step ahead by providing flexibility for tailored storage with the versatile BioFresh-Plus. The BioFresh-Plus can be set to temperatures of -2˚C, 0˚C and+6˚C as compared to BioFresh that maintains temperature just above 0˚C.The ideal storage temperature for fish and seafood is just below freezing. The BioFresh-Plus drawers with independent electronics allow you to vary the settings for seafood where the temperature can be lowered to -2° C. Together with the Dry Safe setting, the fish stays fresher for longer.

LIEBHERR’s Side-by-Side Freestanding Refrigerator (SBSes 7353) presents large capacity storage solutions specially designed taking into account the Indian food consumption system. They offer ample space for large food stocks with four temperature zones for perfect food storage. When refrigerating large amounts of food you have a choice of zones; BioCool, BioFresh, Refrigerator and Freezer

The high precision, BioCool zone allows choosing 6 levels of temperature that can even store extremely sensitive fruits, vegetables or sea food items.

LIEBHERR’s 3 Zone Freestanding Wine Cabinet (WTes 5872 Vinidor) and Under-counter Wine Cabinet (UWTES 1672) are ideal for storing your wines for long periods of time to allow them to mature to absolute perfection. Essentially, a good wine can only mature fully if all the conditions are right. Constant temperatures and the right humidity are extremely important for optimum storage and for savoring wine at its best.

  • The 3 Zone Freestanding Wine Cabinets (WTes 5872) offers ultimate flexibility and combines the advantages of both wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in a single appliance. This appliance comes with three temperature zones, which can be set independently to the required temperature between +5°C and +20°C. Hence this appliance can simultaneously store red wine, white wine, and champagne all at their optimum serving temperature. It offers the perfect climate for long-term wine storage. The varying sizes of the temperature zones, together with the fully adjustable temperature controls, make it suitable for just about any collection of wines.
  • The Under-counter Wine Cabinet (UWTES 1672) is for under counter installation, to create a perfect look in your kitchen or lounge area. The ventilation and air extraction are provided through the plinth and no ventilation grill is required in the work surface. This appliance comes with two temperature zones, which can be set independently to the required temperature between +5°C and +20°C.
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  • Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls will provide alternative to plastic, which is touted as unsafe for heating purposes
  • Available in a set of three eye-catchy bowls, each one is good to freeze, store, reheat and serve food

New Delhi, November 22, 2015: In no less than a revolution, India’s leading home utility maker -- Bonita -- has launched stainless steel bowls which can be used in microwave for heating purposes, finally bringing to an end worries of homemakers who until now had no option other than using plastic utensils, some of which are rendered unsafe for health.

Plastic utensils replaced to a large extent glass products used for heating eatables in microwave on account of being easy to handle. However, health hazards related to them made people cautious in their use. But in the absence of any alternative, people had no choice but to either use fragile glass or unsafe plastic products for microwaving food.

The introduction of Bonita’s latest product -- Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls -- not only will bring reprieve to those worried about the health risks of plastic, but also make the homemakers’ lives convenient by limiting the hassles of storing food in different containers for freezing, heating and serving as now all of that can be done in colorful and eye-catchy Bonita bowl.

“Recent researches have shown that few chemicals are there in plastic which are very harmful for health. These chemicals are believed to cause a lot of health issues like obesity, hit fertility rate giving rise to reproductive problems, and cancer. One should avoid microwaving food in plastic containers as most of us don’t know the grade of the plastics okay for use. We should even avoid freezing food in plastic bowls, because the temperature can cause chemicals to leach into eatables once we heat them. So I strongly suggest use of ceramic, glass or stainless steel products for microwaving food,” says Dr Swati Srivastava, Nutritionist and Founder of Health Today.

Built in stainless steel with metallic colour coating, the exterior of the product has a heat-proof plastic covering which saves the bowls from any scratches. Given the interior is steel, the food is not exposed to plastic, hence it remains safe.

“We have tested this product as per most stringent standards i.e. European Standards for Microwave Safe testing at TUV Sud which is a premier International lab. Under this European standard, the bowls are tested for microwave safety for short duration (3 mins) and long duration (15 mins) as also checks the temperature post the procedure. Bonita bowls satisfies all the parameters. The airtight plastic lid keeps the content fresh for a very long time. A single bowl is sufficient to store, freeze, reheat and serve food. We have also applied for the patent rights of this technology,” said Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita.

Available in a set of three bowls in as many colors such as red, turquoise green and purple, the trendy Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls will be available at all the leading retail stores and customers can even buy it online through Snapdeal.

The company alongside has also launched Glory Snack Servers and Ecstasy Dessert Bowls, each available in a set of three pieces and in similar colours as of Praadise Microwavable bowls to create a complete range. The Glory Snack Server comes with a tray and spoon and is available in a set of five and seven pieces, while it is a set of three bowls for Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls and 14 for Ecstasy Dessert Bowls. The colors of the bowls are long lasting and of Food Grade Quality. They are durable and dishwasher safe too.

Bonita’s products are aimed at the small urban homes of Indian metros and serve the dual needs of meeting the storage requirements and adding beauty to home décor.

The vast range of products of Bonita include beautifully designed laundry baskets, capacity vacuum bags, elegant ironing boards and mats, space saving wall dryers and colourful shoe racks, among others.

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New Delhi, Sep 15, 2015: Hold on to your taste buds as Master Chefs at Kempinski Ambience Hotel are all set to sizzle your taste buds with the Sizzlers Festival. Showcasing an unconventional sizzler menu, Café Knosh, the all-day dining restaurant promises a sizzling experience like never before. The festival which starts from 18th September till 27th September features classical dishes to desserts served on a sizzler.

The hot piping menu includes exotic sizzlers with traditional flavors and spices served with flavorsome veggies. Come over and indulge in their hot plate of delights and get pampered in our lap of indulgence at  Cafe Knosh.

Relish different varieties of sizzlers like Chicken Pepper steak sizzler, Grilled lamb Sizzler, Cottage cheese steak on sizzler, Fried icecream sizzler , Pecan nut brownie sizzler and many more. With chic ambience, an option of dining overlooking the pool and live kitchen counters, Café Knosh has space for every mood and entertainment.

So, grab your dose of the most exotic food festival at your favourite restaurant in town.


EVENT: Sizzler Festival

VENUE: Café Knosh at Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi, 1,CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road, Near Yamuna Sports Complex, New Delhi, Delhi 110032

TIME: 12:00 – 3 PM and 7 to 11 PM

DATE: 18th to 27th September, 2015

MEAL FOR TWO: 2000 + taxes
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Savioke, Maker of the Relay Robot for the Hospitality Industry, Delivers Newest Innovation

New Delhi, Aug 18, 2015 – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, today announces the launch ofanew delivery robot at theCrowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley hotel.The robot, named Dash, was created by Savioke, makers of the Relay robot. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Savioke specializes in robot solutions for the hospitality industry.

The Crowne Plaza brand assists in making business travel work for its guests, and Dash will further enhance the guest experience by providing quick and seamless delivery of snacks, toothbrushes and other amenitiesto hotel guests.Approximately 3-feet tall andweighingless than 100 pounds,Dash is designed to travel at a human walking pace and can independently navigate between floors, even calling the hotel elevator using a special Wi-Fi connection.

Dash is Savioke's latest version of its autonomous delivery service featuring automatic docking, improved autonomy, and an all new design enabling Savioke to scale in response to demand.When Dash arrives at the guest room, itphones the guest to announce its arrival, delivers the requested items, and makes its way back to the front desk where it can dock itself into its own charging station.

Gina LaBarre, Vice President, Americas Brand Management, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, IHG, commented: "We are delighted to introduce Dash to our guests at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Milpitas. Given the hotel's location in the heart of Silicon Valley, it is a natural fit to enhance our service delivery program with the addition of the latest in robot technology. We expect our guests to be impressed by the technological sophistication of Dash and its ability to deliver the quality service they’ve come to expect from the brand. Crowne Plaza hotel team members are also excited to explore new, innovative ways to serve our guests using Dash.”

Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke said: "We're excited to see the updated version of ourRelay robot find a home at this Crowne Plaza hotel.With more than 300guest rooms, this is the largest hotel to useour robot technology,and as Dash becomes a fixture at the hotel, we lookforward to hearing some great stories from guests and staff alike."

Based on testing at the Milpitas hotel, the Crowne Plaza brand will determine whether or not to roll out the robot at other properties. CCI Newswire


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