Hotel Name: Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge, Kausani

Address: View Point, Kausani Estate,Kausani,Uttarakhand, India – 263639

Contact Person:

Tel No: +91 5962 258267, +91 8938801707



Hotel Profile:

50 kms from Almora exists a scenic hill station of extraordinary beauty. Known as the Switzerland of India, Kausani affords you breath-taking view of the majestic Himalayan range. Nestled in the beauty enriched town of Kausani, Chevron Hotels and Resorts brings you charming lodge aptly named Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge.

The warm hospitable culture of the Kumaoni culture is reflected in the service of Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge, Kausani. The hotel has been home to some of the biggest names among influencial Indians,and our aim is to extend the warm hospitality to you as.

Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge, Kausani, gives you a earthy feel which brings you one with nature while not sacrificing on any of the services and amenities. The presence of modern amenities guarantees you a hassle-free stay in this haven.

Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge, Kausani, provides 2 types of accommodations, the expansive Super Deluxe Room and the grand Duplex Suite. Both rooms are designed in a way that the charm of Kumaon is preserved in the comforts of the room. Both rooms come with all amenities to ensure a hassle-free stay as well.

Give your dining experience a magical touch as you satisfy your appetite at our multi-cuisine restaurant at Chevron Hotel Eco Lodge, Kausani while gazing as the picturesque Himalayas. With a multitude of skilled chefs at our disposal, any special requests you have can be whipped up instantly for you.

Satiate your appetite for a perfect vacation at Hotel Chevron Eco Lodge, Kausani, as we fulfil each requirement of yours with grace and warmth.