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Bangalore, August 29, 2016: To celebrate the legacy of the outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Zzungry, a Bengaluru based Food Company that offers freshly prepared Royal pan Indian cuisine, has introduced two unique and offbeat dishes in their menu as a tribute to India’s popular Central banker.

The two dishes Ulundukozhukattai and Kovakozhukattai are inspired from the cuisines of two states in India that hold great relevance in the life of DrRajan. The dishes priced at 100/- and 150/- will be available in the Zzungry menu from 26thAugust to 2ndSeptember 2016 just before Raghuram Rajan’s sign off from his tenure.

Commenting on the initiative, AshishKalya, Co- Founder, Zzungry, said “ This is a unique gesture from Zzungry to appreciate the commendable work done by Dr. Rajan. He has touched the lives of commoners and entrepreneurs like us in a positive way.”

The Savoury dish (Ulundukozhukattai) is a delectable savory rice flour dumpling stuffed with medium spicy mixture of urad dal, tempered with curry leaves and spices, steamed and served with chutney. This dish is inspired from the Madhya Pradesh cuisine which is Dr Rajan's birth place.

On the other hand, the sweet dish(Kovakozhukattai) is a sweet rice flour dumpling stuffed with cardamom flavored mixture of khoya with dry fruits, simmered in rose flavored milk, that is served as a dessert. This sweet dish is inspired from the state of Tamil Nadu that connects to his origins.

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New Delhi, August 26, 2016: I have spent more than eight years of my precious life as CREW MEMBER in the cruise. I had the golden opportunity to see more than 150 countries across the six continents of the world and collected rich experience to know the culture, life style, civilization, social, economic, political and spiritual status of different countries which I cannot describe in words.

We had a collection of crew members from different countries and we lived like one family having different diverse cultures. As the employees of ship establishment we had proud privilege to travel free of cost across the countries with boarding and lodging at their cost. At various places we had facilities of swimming pool, GYM, disco, phone to our home countries.

Our salaries and perks are free from Indian Income tax. We can avail all in house training facilities to improve our capability to rise in our career. Medical facilities are offered free to all the staffers.


Every member has to work 7-days a week on board nearly 10 hours per day they get optional hours at Lunch or dinner extra time to relax but have to work all seven days. The assignment may depend upon the status of crew member and vary from one year or five or six months. During duty they can get free medical check and treatment.

The crew staff can enjoy different types of event during the year depending upon the nationality and religion of a country of which a crew member belongs. There are national festivals, independent days of different countries. The new year or Christmas us all senior people like captains, engineers, senior managers, supervisors, or other staff members enjoy drinks, dance parties and casino etc. with full freedom.

There are shifts off but not full days off but a rotation in working hours.

When on port the crew can go on shore and shop or entertain themselves.

Crew can get cabin for lodging shared by three or four members as per the status of the member. They have to keep the cabin full clean and tidy and nobody must complain. They get clean towels and linens every week for utility. No guests are allowed in the crew cabins. Violation will result termination. For crew there is a separate mess for snacks and meals. They can get only half an hour at each time for lunch. They are served by buffet style. They must clean their dishes. Crew members get uniforms on board. Laundry is free for crew staff. Laundry machines and dryers are provided free to crew staff. There is certain discipline followed by the administration to maintain etiquette

As regards amenities the crew can enjoy GYM on board. Only employed crew members are provided living accommodations on board.


Internet Café is available to crew staff at most reasonable rates. Phone cards are at less cost can be used to call the family members of talking. Also Wifi is available on board. Personal letters or mails are received and distributed to concerned staff.

The organization structure is there for promotion purpose. The Captain is the chief of entire ship for administrative purpose whose decisions are final on board. There are now two parts one is in mess or kitchen and second is DESK and FRONT OFFICE. The first mess vertical goes down from Utility Boy to Snack Steward to Utility Dining Room cleaner to Assistant waiter to Waiter to Supervisor to Restaurant Manager.

The next is Desk officer has technical staff to look after the guests. A ship with eight floors can take 2500 guests on board with 1000 crew members. The Casino or cocktails are often available to guest and crew can also enjoy selectively.

I want to share very exciting and most anxious incident in my life when I was very junior in twenties. There are 50 year old ships which have to dispose in the deep sea. I was also one of the crew members to join this adventure to destroy the old ship by the process. The ship has to be lifted by crane and in the deep sea to be drowned. Around the ship there are small boats in which we have to occupy and go down with the ship. I was very afraid as I was seeing the death kissing me. The ship gone down and I did not know swimming needed at the time of emergency. I closed my eyes praying God to save life. After the process of drowning the ship we had to catch boat to reach shore. This can be a non fictional story as the group was more than 50 people attached with many boats tied around the old ship.

To be precise I can say the Cruise life was most memorable in my life cannot forget at any cost.

Many people who travel across the world get exciting experience very unique cannot be imagined by the people on land. We see the ocean around always no cities, no gardens, no towers, no traffic as normally seen by people on land.

We agree that we are away from our family members. Some are very sensitive and attached to family so that they feel home sick and get indisposed leading to sickness. We must have strong determination to seek job on sea and face the hardship as crew member. To get something we must sacrifice something. To get opportunity to visit different countries across the world and cultivate the priceless experience of different cultures, habits, customs, knowledge, religion etc. But in ship we are not allowed to discuss politics or religion and express views. It may cause disharmony among guest.

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New Delhi, August 26, 2016: SeniorWorld.com, India’s only organization focused on the holistic needs of Seniors and the brand behind India’s most Senior-friendly phone ‘Easyfone’, is filling in yet another important need of Seniors, with the launch of SilverWings – group Holidays designed for Seniors.

Post retirement, many seniors have a desire to explore different cultures and destinations. However, due to the unavailability of senior-friendly travel packages, many such desires are left unfulfilled. SeniorWorld's presents SilverWings- holiday packages curated specifically for discerning seniors who aspire to explore the world with other like-minded seniors and value quality, safety, comfort and a hassle-free experience.

SeniorWorld empowers seniors to live independently and enjoy their golden years of retirement through an exclusive range of holiday packages. The itinerary focusses on the distinct needs of the seniors, assuring on making their holiday delightful and memorable.

All holiday packages are led by experienced and friendly Tour Captains, assuring full-fledged assistance and support- right from check-in, immigration, managing local tours to getting back home safely. SeniorWorld offers incredible services for seniors with the sole intention to not only help them live comfortably but thrive in life.

Mr. Rahul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, seniorworld.com said, “More and more Seniors are now travelling to explore and experience the magic of different destinations all over the world. We have launched “SilverWings” to cater to discerning seniors who wish to travel with other like-minded seniors and values quality, safety, comfort and an experience that is both hassle-free and memorable.”

He further added, “Each SilverWings holiday is crafted keeping the needs of seniors in mind. There is a lot of attention paid to details – whether it is the pace of the holiday, design of the Itinerary, selection of Hotels & local transportation, availability of Indian food and more. In addition, a tour Captain accompanies the group from the point of departure to ensure that the holiday is memorable and bereft of anxious moments. The response to SilverWings has been extremely encouraging and we will be launching more destinations in India as well as overseas in the coming months.”

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Hyderabad, August 26, 2016: Park Hyatt Hotel, Hyderabad, the city’s premier 5-star hospitality establishment and the first urban Park Hyatt brand property in India, has announced the appointment of senior personnel in key positions.

Michele Prevedello, Executive Chef – Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Michele Prevedello joins Park Hyatt Hyderabad as Executive Chef after serving Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg for 5 years. With 19 years of culinary expertise, Chef Michele boasts of experience from various hospitality brands and standalone restaurants in Tuscany. In December 2003, he joined the Hyatt family with Park Hyatt Canberra and has worked in various brands of Hyatt Hotels across the globe.

Anshuman Appanna, Director of Sales and Marketing- Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Anshuman Appanna joins Park Hyatt Hyderabad as the Director of Sales & Marketing. Starting his hospitality journey with Taj group of hotels, Anshuman has worked across different locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Goa after he completed his degree of M.sc in International Business from Scotland. He carried out a significant role in the pre-launch and subsequently opening of Vivanta by Taj Club House in Chennai and other Taj properties across India. Apart from his professional accolades he is also extremely passionate about running in marathons and has earned to his stride an achievement of completing a half marathon, running barefoot for 21kms under 2 hours in the esteemed Goa marathon.

Preeti Phillip, Marketing Communications Manager- Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Preeti Philip joins Park Hyatt Hyderabad as Marketing Communications Manager. She started her career with Marriott Hyderabad as the Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communication in 2006 soon after completing Master’s in Business Administration in 2004 from the prestigious ICFAI Business School Hyderabad. Preeti then joined Pernod Ricard India as Marketing executive in 2009. Fortified by her achievements she carried out the role of Director of Marketing Communication with Accor Hotels, Novotel and HICC from 2011-2013. She then ventured out as a Marketing Consultant and worked with a few brands including starting her own company Africraft. When Preeti is not working, she is spending some serious time in physical activities with CrossFit and weight lifting.

Ryan Kenneth DSilva, Rooms Division Manager - Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Ryan Dsilva joins Park Hyatt Hyderabad as Rooms Division Manager after serving Hyatt Regency Mumbai as the Housekeeping Manager. Ryan started his hospitality journey as Guest Service Assistant in Front Office from 2004 - 2005 soon after he completed his Degree in Hotel Management from the esteemed Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad. He was then elevated to different roles in Front office and was promoted as Front Office Manager from 2011- 2013 in the same hotel. With his passion for cooking, Ryan spends his spare time churning out gourmet dishes for his family and friends.

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