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Thailand February 11, 2014:- Hotels Group Anantara announced the launch of Special deals for travelers who are looking for a unique experience in the northern part of Thailand, in the mix of ancient heritage and colorful traditions and charm of the nature of the mountains and tropical forests as well as to enjoy the interaction with the elephants of Thailand gentle and quiet and take a tour of their appearance through the valleys and plains Green and forests.

Adventure and includes accommodation for four nights in two luxury resorts and unique and located in the region, with a 20% discount on the best available price then, in addition to a range of attractive benefits.

And travelers can choose the appropriate times to do Bmgamrthm and the connection between the resorts, as well as to and from the nearest airport .

And guests can enjoy a residence for two nights or more at the Resort and Spa Anantara Chiang Mai, located in the city's rich cultures, civilizations, Chiang Mai, with daily breakfast with a beautiful view on the banks of the river Pacific Mae Ping, where visitors need for several days to discover the wealth of rich landmarks near The hotel which is just a ten-minute walk, the old city is surrounded mountains and forests and stunning contains the ruins of the Old Kingdom, "Alana," which contains several ancient temples inside, in addition to the traditional markets of old, and Thai restaurants and street vendors.

Once you do a walk for five minutes for the city will reach visitors to the Night Bazaar, which visitors can negotiate with merchants to get cut nice souvenir, while can do trips scenic across national parks and beautiful mountains, nature and wildlife, and visit the local tribes and the rise of the hills and activities in the middle of the forest .

 And visitors can choose from moving to the area of the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai internist, accommodation for two nights or more at a resort and camp Anantara Golden Triangle, which consists of a comprehensive package for all lovers of life and exploratory spirit of adventure.

And is characterized by a unique luxury resort with views of the top of the hill on three countries in addition to the Mekong River, and has a mini-bar connected to the Internet, Faihzy visitors the opportunity to sip their favorite brew and send e-mails in complete privacy, with views of the legendary scene .

As for the eating begins Visitors day with a breakfast at the international buffet on the terrace overlooking the green hills surrounded by fog, and then visitors can eat lunch and dinner in restaurants, authentic Thai, Italian, or in a restaurant and a bar colonel, which is characterized Bmusharobach natural and healthy, as well as beverages, and classic cocktails .

 Is also being provided the option of a daily four distinct experiences include a visit to the camp elephants, where guests can observe the behavior of children elephants and learn about the scientific research projects in the camp, and to participate in training, and go on a journey through bamboo forests lush or enjoy the view of ancient ruins on a tour across the river . As for the times of calm and rest and recuperation Anantara Spa offers five options that combine a selection of natural remedies.

And Strtzm signs of surprising visitors of cooking classes for foods local provided by Anantara program specially prepared for visitors "program spoons spice" which begins a tour of the old market to buy everything that is suitable for a meal today, then a cup of coffee with the locals, eating breakfast in the courtyard of an ancient temple, followed by a tour of the gardens natural herbs and spices, vegetables and fruits surrounding the resort, then learn and prepare traditional meals with a master chef.

 But for lovers of history and the spirit of discovery, visitors can buy tickets to the Hall of Opium, which explains in detail about those times, in the days between the opium trade in the region, and renovation projects successful .- CCI Newswire

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