New Delhi, September 14, 2018: Every Ganesh Visarjan thousands of idols are immersed in the oceans, often leading to long-term water pollution. A CSR Initiative by  Kamat Group of Hotels, Asia’s Pioneering Hospitality Chain of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels association with Indira Foundation presents an eco-friendly Ganesha idol, Ganpatree, which grows into a plant. These clay idols have been crafted in a sustainable manner with seedlings within so that the Ganpati Nimarjan will melt the idol, transforming it into soil, giving the seedlings a base to grow. Once immersed in the pot, the idol will dissolve and a plant will grow. It is a great initiative to spread green awareness and make our homes and office spaces environment friendly. 

The Process of Ganpatree:

·         Directly place the Ganpatree in the pot provided.

·         Place the Ganpatree (Ganesh idol + pot with mixture given) in an outdoor place where there is sunlight.

·         Pour required amount of water on Ganpatree for 3-5 days in regular intervals but do not overwater.

·         Water daily once and see the plant grow within 10-20 days.

·         Do not remove any paper in the pot or idol as it contains nutrients to nourish the plant.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)