New Delhi, February 22, 2018: The InterContinental Kyiv Inn in Kiev, Ukraine, facilitated the Celebration Honors Function of the Universal Friendliness Honors 2017 on Sunday, February 18. Two Hungarian lodgings got grants at the occasion supper facilitating 250 visitors.

Among the 2017 Worldwide Accommodation Honors candidates were 315 inns from 21 nations of Eastern and Focal Europe: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The victors were chosen out of 101 lodgings that achieved the last.

Hungary earned two prizes, with the Pálos Resort (in Zalacsány, west of Lake Balaton) named as Best Ethno Lodging, and the Corinthia Inn Budapest as Best MICE Inn. (MICE is an acronym for Gatherings, Motivating forces, Traditions, and Occasions.)

The candidates were relatively evaluated based on the expert supposition of jury individuals (half) and shoppers’ appraisals on the universal web based booking frameworks (25%) and (25%).