Hotel Name: Leisure Vacations – Whispering Woods.

Address: # 39, Mekeri Village, Koggodlu Post, Madikeri, Koduagu Dist – 571201.

Contact Person:

Tel No: +91 944 896 1333, +91 900 843 4185



Hotel Profile:

When it comes to experiencing natural beauty at it’s best, there are very few places that can match the magnificence of Coorg. If you are planning your next weekend getaway or want to spend a serene holiday amidst verdant valleys and flowing waterfalls, Coorg can be your ideal destination.

Leisure Vacations has established itself as a renowned hospitality brand, especially in southern India. And, the Leisure Vacations Whispering Woods Resort in Mekeri is a beacon of tranquility and peace for leisure travellers and lone wanderers, situated at the heart of the Coorg valley. The resort has a Deluxe Villa which can be booked for a family stay or the rooms can be booked independently. There are 6 rooms at the Whispering Woods Resort and we have an in-house dining arrangement to keep your taste buds satiated.


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