Hotel Name : Mango Hotels Kormangala

Address : Survey No 426, 8th Main 4th Block, Koramangala next to Cafe Coffee Day, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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Tel No : 1800-26-62646, +91-22-61506150

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Hello! Great to see you here. Let me introduce myself and give a gist of what to expect!

For me, life happens in the micro. In those quick moments, in the tiny details; tucked away in every day. I despise inertia – those mundane standards we’ve all grown to accept. Change is what delights me. The delicious surprises that life hands out.

I break expectations because the expected simply isn’t good enough anymore. I go beyond. I’m open. To your colours, to your opinions, to your lives. I’m refreshing; life with me is different each day. Quite like yours. Dynamic, even. My moods are always in sync with you. Whether you seek to work, pray or play, and I’m alive. As alive as you!