Hotel Name : BirdSong Goa

Address : House no -497, Calzor Moira-Bardez, Goa 403507, India

Contact Person :

Tel No : +91-9810307012 

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Hotel Profile

Along the charming inner roads of North Goa, between Mapusa and Aldona, nestles Moira – one of the four heritage villages of Goa. In its winding lanes lie many an old abandoned villa, draped with creepers, studded with trees, exuding nostalgia and lyrical mourning for its long gone Portuguese owners.

We found such a house – not in utter disrepair, but with jarring modern additions. Ensconced amid jackfruit, chikoo and sangwan trees, BirdSong was built in 1804, more than 200 years ago. A beautiful Portuguese bungalow of pillared verandas and high roofs, gardens and pools, it offers the rare delights of inner Goa, away from the usual hustle of beaches and markets. After four years of loving restoration, BirdSong is our warm and gorgeous home let out to discerning travellers.


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