New Delhi, August 15, 2016: Ever imagined living luxuriously in a 20/40-ft portable shipping container in India? Here comes a one-stop solution, a fascinating composition that allows you to live, party, relax and breathe in a compact portable package, exclusively designed to meet your definite requirement called IN THE BOX SPACE!

Based in Gurgaon, In the box space is the brainchild of Neeraj Khandelwal and Inderpreet Kaur, owned by design and build firm Vesna Inc, which has significantly been a part of several famed local and international projects. They focus on creating innovative spaces using re-purposed shipping containers that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient with a notion of providing convenience and comfort.

The Story behind the Box!!

In early September 2015, Neeraj Khandelwal and Inderpreet Kaur went to Amsterdam and visited Rotterdam Port- the largest in Europe, the site was shocking, with what seemed like millions of empty containers lying around. Nearly a week after, they located a fast food restaurant made in one of those very same containers. Pondering over if this could be done in India, they studied the market in-depth upon their return. To their surprise they found that only a handful of companies have utilized shipping containers to make architectural marvels. This led to the birth of IN THE BOX SPACE!

It is a unique idea that came to existence because of the passion of its partners who had a vision to create latest, customized and space-efficient boxes into anything its audience would need. It not only solves the purpose of your stay, but also provides an eco- friendly place with a designer and luxury feel to its customers.

The 20-ft and 40-ft containers are efficiently designed to withstand any natural calamity such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

These Recreational Dwelling Unit/ Containers can further be customized as a sitting area, lounge, bar, library, guest house and much more depending on the requirement. Moreover, these can also be transformed as your restaurant or shop oreven into your home or a farmhouse making it water, fire, and even earthquake proof. To make things even better, you can easily make small or big changes, such as adding windows and rooms and it is portable too.

Flat designed for a young entrepreneur couple on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon . A cosy and comfortable master bed room was designed catering to the client’s hectic schedule involving a lot of travelling, thus a combination of grey walls with yellow lights and tweak of Zen feel to it.

Neeraj Khandelwal is the Founder & Partner of In The Box Space.

As an entrepreneur, his key role is to develop company strategies to generate growth. He is not only responsible fornew business development, but also making operational decisions.

Having grown up in Japan and living there for nearly two decades Neeraj’s focus has been on Efficiency.

He has 10 years of rich experience of working on the products side. He is the mastermind behind the wallcoverings brand, Casadenza, which consists of wallpapers and stone veneers, which are currently being distributed in 40 countries in less than 4 years.

Besides In The Box Space, Neeraj has worked with a number of renowned architecture firms and his work has been well published in different platforms including Elle Décor, UK. He has also been invited by MOODs, Brussels and Heimtexile in Germany to exhibit his work internationally.

Born in Kota, Rajasthan and raised in Japan, Neeraj attended the prestigious Kobe school in Japan and later went to Kings College in London to complete his BBA and MBA.

During his leisure time, Neeraj plays various sports including football & baseball and enjoys watching a lot of documentaries and Bollywood movies.


Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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