New Delhi, July 29, 2016: Some of the most popular food bloggers in Bangalore were invited to the bloggers table at Skylit at Citrus Cunningham. The ones to grace the occasion were Donovan Menezes, Naveen Suresh, Senjuti Biswas, Vidya Lakshmi, Deepa, Pratheek Ponnappa & Dushyant Chillale at Citrus, on a Sunday evening. Citrus hotels is part of the Mirah group, headquartered in Mumbai. Citrus hotels have a vibrance that reanimates you, a splendid facade that leaves you speechless and a great choice of dining options that never ceases to amaze you.

Citrus hotels are designed in such a way that they offer a magical experience to each and every guest. They have 15 hotels across 10 destinations in India.
Skylit in the Citrus Cunningham property was where this bloggers meet was held at. Cunningham road is about 5 minutes away from both the business hub & shopping destination at M.G road and commercial street!

Skylit, quite literally is a perfect way to gaze into the stars while having a peaceful dinner! The ambience is just spectacular and it’s got a nice inclusion of the color blue in its décor. This certainly makes it to the top lists of romantic rooftop restaurants in the city. The bar has a couple of large screens for diners to enjoy their favorite game!

Cocktails :

The mixologist greeted them and presented the bloggers a preset cocktail menu for the night. They included Margarita, Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Red wine sangria. The bloggers thought that the cocktails were very well made. They were having just the right Abv in them. The mixologist was super courteous and made one them his favorite mix; kiwi and vodka! One of the foodies had this to say “It was absolutely wonderful, the gesture and the drink!”


The starters that wereserved were roast chicken fajitas, murghmalaitikka, zafranipaneertikka, alootikki, broccoli with cheese, jalapeno fish, bbq chicken wings and a very beautiful collection of breads and crackers with butter and some sauces! TheAlootikki, BBQ chicken wings and the paneer tikka were the most loved ones amongst the bloggers.

There was a palette cleanser in the form of an ice golathat was served to every one 🙂

Main course:

The main course spread is at the buffet counter. It all starts with a good collection of international salads. You could pick from the exotic greek salad, german potato salad to the very basic green salad !! They had chicken biriyani, veg pulao, paneer butter masala, veg noodles, dal makhni. The veg pulao was quite bland and the noodles were below par. The dal makhni was the saving grace. The paneer butter masala was having just the right amount of sweetness and was good

Desserts :

Coming to the desserts, they have a huge dessert spread! Most of which is Indian. They have Shahitukda with rabdi, milk barfi, gaja, peda, tiramisu, mango cheesecake, rasgulla, cream caramel custard, plum pastry and many more!


The service staff has been well trained to pay attention to their guests and more than anything else be available! They have a fair amount of knowledge on their policies and know when they can go above and beyond the call of duty! The staff was courteous and ensured everyone had a glass of cocktail at all times. Mr. Rahul Dev Mehta, the General Manager, Citrus Cunningham, was our host for the evening and enlightened us on the various food & beverage assortments they offer.

This spectacular experience could be yours at ₹799 +TAX !Weekend plans? Head over to Skylit, Cunningham Road 🙂

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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