~ An innovative, energy efficient and high capacity series for food service industry ~

New Delhi,  June 21, 2016: With the aim of providing innovative solutions to food service industry, ELANPRO, India’s leading commercial refrigeration companytoday announced the launch of ELANPRO ICE MACHINES Series (EIM). An affordable, hi – tech range, EIM (ELANPRO ICE MACHINE) Series combines productivity, reliability and ease-of-use with aesthetic appeal and quieter operation.The series has 8 ice cube models ranging from 30 -1000 kgs and 3 models for flakers.

Developed specifically to meet the increasing ice production needs, EIM Series deliver higher levels of reliability and energy efficiency. The innovative technology used in ELANPRO’s latest offering makes it easy to operate and easy to clean. The ice machines have Micro Computer Control system i.e. it has a voice function to broadcast fault. With a small operational footprint, the machines can fit into confined areas—particularly important for nightclubs and bars, where space is at a premium. The machines also has a light inside the bin for constant and reliable monitoring of the system.

Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, “Expansion of fast food chains across India is primarily driving the ice maker market growth. Rising number of restaurants have also triggered the demand for ice cube makers. Besides, residential and food and services industries, ice cubes and flakers are also used in food stores for display of sea food and cold cuts. This is expected to be the fastest growing segment in ice maker market during the forecast period, posting a market growth rate of 7.9- 8%.

With the aim of tapping this ever expanding market, we have launched Elanpro Ice Machines. Today’s end consumer demands for artisanal ice with variations in shape. We wish to provide ice that can complement the beverages. No matter the foodservice application, we aim at delivering a variety of new solutions to fit operators’ needs.”

ELANPRO ICE MACHINES allows owners to meet a variety of ice needs with a single manufacturer positively impacting the operator’s bottom line. It offers different types of shapes like dice, bullet and flake—which are ideally suited for the nightclub bar, Retail and Pharma industry. Dice ice is ideal for mixed drinks, carbonated beverages and ice dispensing. The bullet form helps drinks with the presentation of beverages. Small, soft pieces of ice with a 73% ice to water ratio make flake ice which is perfect for displaying products and hand scooping into drinks.

ELANPRO ICE MACHINE SERIES is equipped with new water management design that offers food service operators a low cost of ownership and superior performance even in the most challenging water conditions. The technologically advanced machines reduces scale build up and the associated costs of scale mitigation, all while remaining very water efficient. The plates are made of stainless steel to increase the durability of ice makers. 

Elanpro IM Series uses technology to simplify everything about the ice making process. With a new team of experienced sales and technical personnel, the company will also handle sales, installation, preventive maintenance and emergency repair services. Priced between Rs.20,000 to 10 lakhs, ELANPRO ICE MACHINE Series is now available at Elanpro dealer stores.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)