Bengaluru, May 06, 2016: While travelers or back packers have their own tunes for their journey, every travel enthusiast have other tasks at hand flights to catch, cabs to hail, airports to navigate, and, of course, expense reports to file.

Below is a list of service they should consider hand when he or she is travelling abroad,

1. XE currency:

This app helps you calculate and make conversions instantly using more than 180 worldwide currencies. It offers live proprietary currency rates, charts, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works when the Internet doesn’t.

2. Allergy Alert:

For travelers plagued by allergies,’s mobile app is a must-have. The app details both weather and allergy forecasts, noting the levels of specific types of pollen found in your locale so you can prep for the day ahead (or just avoid going outdoors). For those hoping to narrow down the cause of their misery, there’s also a built-in diary (with downloadable data) that tracks your symptoms and pollen count, as well as photos and descriptions to help you spot allergens in the wild.

3. BECK Friends:

BECK Friends is a peer-to-peer delivery service allowing one to earn while travelling. You can place a request on their platform to send a parcel anywhere on the globe and someone travelling on that route will deliver it for you. While the user does not have to pay anything to send a parcel but the traveler can make some money for delivering it.The sender and traveler can mutually decide the cost of delivering the parcel, BECK Friends provides an estimate based on their research. So next time you want to send pickle to somebody overseas you can try BECK Friends.

4. Ngpay:

Ngpay is famous as a one-stop solution for all your travel requirements especially when you are dealing with multiple ticketing. It helps you book air, train and bus tickets. You can also book your movie tickets or recharge your cell phones with this app. Ngpay also allows online shopping from more than a hundred stores and enables users to send gifts.

5. Like a Local:

In theory, all guidebooks aspire to treat readers to the insider experience, but Like a Local is assembled by hundreds of local writers with a no-nonsense attitude. (Skip the tourist traps!, they cry). Guides offer hotel, restaurant, and bar options across a couple dozen European cities, sending visitors to sites that aren’t packed to the gills with wide-eyed visitors. We especially like that you can use Like a Local without an Internet connection: Just remember to download a city guide ahead of time (the app is free, but you pay for individual guides) and it’s stored on your smart device of choice.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)