Bengaluru, April 07, 2016: Rugged mountains, arid landscapes and mystical monasteries set against a postcard perfect backdrop. Ladakh is one of the most stunning destinations worldwide and a Yoga retreat in Ladakh is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, that too with 50 other yogis!

Total Yoga, is hosting a 9-Day Retreat in Ladakh from May 14 – 22, which coincides with Buddha Purnima festival on May 21. The Retreat will immerse you into Yoga & Pranayam, Meditation (including the Full Moon of Buddha Purnima), Yoga Philosophy & Living, Internal-Cleansing Kriyas (Neti, Kunjal, Shankhaprakshalan, Trathak), Relaxation & Reflection.

The Retreat is just not restricted to Yoga & Meditation. It will also include trekking, visiting Buddhist Monasteries, sight-seeing, dance sessions, movie screenings, cultural trips and other activities. Whilst you have time on your own, you also enjoy community time and bonding. And there’s always yummy food!

This programme is brought to you by Total Yoga and the travel partner Byond Travel.

Total Yoga also has a shorter 5-day programme from May 18-22.

Cost: Rs. 49,990 (9-Day Retreat) and Rs. 39,990 (5-Day Programme).

Inclusions: Accomodation, Transportation throughout Ladakh (except the flights to & from Leh), Local Guides or Join the #yomasteladakh event on Facebook or Call +91 9980201187

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Total Yoga

TOTAL YOGA was founded in 2010 by Manish Pole and Neetu Singh who have been teaching for over 12 years each with a dedicated group of teachers in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, California and Philadelphia! Our style involves Asana, Pranayam & Meditation in every class. We’re all about Fitness+Mindfulness. Community building is given a lot of importance and our students engage in various social projects with us.

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