Bengaluru, January 29, 2016: A restaurant can be a great advantage to a hotel – it introduces an extra resource of revenue, adjoins to the base line, and is an eye-catching feature for guests. Running a restaurant from within a hotel also guarantees a positive amount of business will be coming your way. Restaurants with a “celebrity” or renowned chef, and ones associated with familiar, well-liked brands have a superior chance of breaking through the stigma linked with being a hotel restaurant. Customer entrance is an additional key part as exterior openings separate from hotel lobbies assist to present the restaurant as an impartial entity.

With the right promotion, within the hotel and outside of it, restaurateurs can determine the amount of business occurring in ahead of hotel guests. Depending on where you live, the chances to promote your hotel restaurant will differ; though, there are a number of different methods that you can try to amplify your exposure and raise your restaurant’s status.

Involve in public Events


Nonprofit groups and businesses frequently hold profit and blowouts to lift money for a reason or an association and are in want of restaurants to contribute food and effort. While these proceedings do not straightforwardly get public in your restaurant but they can afford publicity to new spectators. Satisfying every request that comes your way is not possible, so it is significant to choose the right community proceedings. Consider the dimension of the occasion and select ones that will present the maximum amount of coverage without getting lost in the mix. Put your best foot forward and provide one of your best signature dishes so that people are force to come back to your restaurant and try other dishes on your menu.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a type of marketing that engage the mutual efforts of a for profit business and a nonprofit organization for common benefit. If done appropriately, cause marketing can make regular business for your restaurant. Say for example; a Dine for a Purpose benefit that associates a restaurant with a limited or nationwide cause. You can prefer to give a segment of the payoffs from specific dishes or drinks or from whole meals on a selected date or dates. This type of attempt will correlate optimistic thoughts with your restaurant and fetch people in more habitually.


Prepare an Active Media Plan

Media relations are an essential element of any flourishing marketing campaign. With today’s growing media scenery, there are various types of channels that you should be engaging with on a regular basis including broadcast, print and digital/social. Apart from the news stations, start involving with some of the local food bloggers in and around your city. These people have a lot of influence on the local society and can be a great resource for your business.

It will be a mistake if we didn’t take in social media as a part of your promotion. Social media is an important platform to connect with clients and is rather easy to add in. You can often post new recipes of unique or seasonal dishes on Facebook and share photos and updates on Twitter. Connect fans and persuade them to share their input, for example, ask them to select the next special for the menu through a selection process.

At last, make a YouTube channel for your restaurant. Short cooking displays are comparatively easy to put together and upload to YouTube. You can also place them on your Facebook page and tweet the links through Twitter. Video posts regularly acquire the most concentration complied by pictures. Social media is somewhat through which you can incorporate as much or as little as you want. The more energetic and appealing you are, the more helpful it will be to your business.

How can you bring success to your restaurant without marketing?

As we’ve seen with the alternative above, one sure expense in use a restaurant is marketing? What if the hotel has determined that there is no advantage to marketing the restaurant owing to its position or less budget for any particular campaign? How can a Food and Beverage division show a profit on what becomes a pleasant amenity to the guest?

Catering Space

One of the gentlest ways to block seats in an unfilled restaurant is to have banquets sell it as they would put in an additional freedom for a group in the hotel, or catering for an external group that desires the sense of a restaurant for their happening. This source the hotel guests to be redirected to In Room Dining or a relax impression for the meal period. It is consequently significant to have everyone’s buy-in when settling on the considerations of when to sell the restaurant space.

· Make certain to make your mind up on free sell days and times so your catering managers are familiar with when they don’t have to request about the employ of the space and can feel free to reserve it as long as it demonstrates open in their specified catering booking system.

· Have a point of contact on either side of the engagement. One person in catering /or one in process to make certain each person are conveying to the needed departments when reserving the space. Also, when booking a group, the restaurant requires closing its booking for the night in their individual booking system.

· Inform all the members of the hotel once it has been confirm. Make sure that the front office is attentive to commune with the guests. The gatekeeper needs to have seats to propel them and even be prepared to drag a support out if required to get a booking on a short interval.

· At last, make sure to employees the other bars and service areas appropriately for any overflow.

Unique Events

An additional way to fill seats is to work additionally with your local wine and liquor dealers to set up special happenings in the restaurant space. Dinners served in numerous courses and balancing with wined and beers and other comparable events have turn out to be accepted over the past few years. These days, we’re seeing a growing tendency with whiskey testing banquets as well. By functioning with liquor representatives, you can frequently get exceptional pricing to help trim down the expense and boost your profit. Moreover they can assist to promote the event through their database and tap other links to fill up the space with the preferred figure of people. These particular events offer you an opportunity to showcase your restaurant; your chef, staff to people that may not have otherwise step into the restaurant to eat dinner.

Closing for meal periods

It is significant to note once more that breakfast is a must for most AAA ratings. If administration discusses closing during lunch and/or dinner, they must also think an alternate position outside the hotel – such as a lounge – for diners to go. It will affect site visits, prospective business and it will also impinge on the number of workers that you will need to function. In addition, if the restaurant and/or hotel are departing into a potential renewal or concept change, it would not be affecting the insight of the restaurant in the local market.

Without a big-named chef or well-known brand name at the back of your hotel restaurant, you are challenging in a hard-hitting surroundings. Whether the executive management team wants to assign funds to the marketing of the restaurant or has determined to hold off, there are strategies that you can utilize at your hotel restaurant to boost income, fetch in more external customers or reorganize your procedures. At times it involves being original with your liberty, mounting joint venture and thinking outside the box.

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Surya Kanta Jana

Surya Kanta Jana has an intensive 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has a diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from IIHMC- Bhubaneswar. With over 14 years of experience in day-to-day management of hotel and its staff, Surya Kanta has the acumen for planning, organizing and directing all hotel services.

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